“2. The Story.”

You are the main character in this game and play the role of an assistant manager in a restaurant.

You have to travel somewhere with your car, but you have an accident.
Though you survive the crash, you hit your head hard and suffer a temporary memory loss, and forget the purpose of your travel. Your phone is not working. You are at a town, and have to find a working phone and some help. But no one is around … the place is abandoned.
Where is everyone? What’s the purpose of your visit? What is this thick fog everywhere?

The town has a dark history and even darker secrets. You just need to find some help, right? You don’t need to interact with these secrets, right? You don't need to go deep into the fog, right? Well, you are wrong. You have to face mysteries, solve riddles, fight enemies, while trying to find the way out of town. And the purpose of your visit might be as dark as the secrets of town…