“3. Room 16.” Chapter 1.

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You have an ordinary life as an assistant manager in a restaurant. The manager is currently enjoying his holiday in Thailand, so you are responsible for leading this busy restaurant. The first week after the manager left was a nightmare, but eventually everything went smoothly, and turned to a daily routine. Your staff and all your customers like you, the restaurant is super busy, the business is growing and running smoothly.
You remember these … and your name … but you forgot why you came here …

You lost control of your vehicle, skidded off the road, hit a tree and lost consciousness. When you came around, you felt a little headache so you probably hit your head and suffered a temporary memory loss. One of your employee had an accident last month and the same happened to him, and he needed long weeks before all his memories returned. You hope that your case will not last that long.

First, you check yourself: you suffered no physical injuries. The front of the car got crumpled, steam coming out from the damaged cooling system. You get out of the car to check what caused the accident, because you don’t remember that either. And the question returns: why did you come here …
here …
in the fog …?

Your watch says it’s 3 PM afternoon, but you can’t see the sun. All you observe is old trees around you, the closest ones, anything further than 10 metres are covered by the fog, which seems a little bit unnatural as it is whirling like smoke when we throw wet wood on a camp fire. You have never seen a fog like this.

The trees seem pine trees, judging from the branches above your head. The air is humid and still, and though no wind, the branches move a little bit and the dead fallen leaves too… or are they footsteps?
Your original question returns: why have you come here? What business you’re supposed to have here?

You look into your car and find your mobile phone. No network, no signal, you cant even call emergency numbers. The car is stuck. You need help. Maybe shouting? Or walking back to the road and stopping the first car passing by?